J.R. Martinez doesn’t get “Blue Ivy”

In an interview with TMZ J.R. Martinez is asked about what names he’s narrowed down for his new baby girl. He won’t give up the names yet, but when asked what is the craziest baby names he’s heard he remarks that he “just doesn’t get it”, when it comes to the name “Blue Ivy“. Blue Ivy, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z‘s new baby was welcomed into the world last month.

Beside Blue Ivy, J.R. remarks the second craziest name he’s heard was someone being name “Lasagna“…. We agree!

J.R., 28, is expecting his first child with Diana Gonzalez-Jones. J.R. won season 13 of Dancing With the Stars and had a regular role on All My Children. J.R. and Diana met when she worked as a production assistant on All My Children.

No word still on the two names J.R. and Diana have chosen for their daughter but he hinted

“It will be something really close and personal to us that feels like we’re giving something to her that is very special”